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Welcome to
South Derbyshire Support Centre

We are an Alternative Provision Academy based in South Derbyshire, providing education for pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion, or who have been permanently excluded from mainstream schools.

We also work with local primary and secondary schools to offer short term placements as a prevention to permanent exclusion.

The vision for South Derbyshire Support Centre is to create a first class, holistic educational establishment that re-engages vulnerable children back in to learning. We wholeheartedly believe that the most vulnerable young people in our community deserve to have the same high standards of education as their peers. Our aim is to equip every child with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable successful integration back into mainstream education or for our Key Stage 4 pupils, to successfully transition into education, training or employment.

South Derbyshire Support Centre

"The staff at SDSC renewed our trust in the education system, they exercised empathy, patients, understanding, and demonstrated that when the job is done professionally good results are attainable. I began working collaboratively with the staff at SDSC to ensure that my child would one day be reintegrated into mainstream better equipped with the necessary skills needed to cope. I am pleased to say that together we achieved a fantastic outcome for which i'll be forever grateful. It has always been my view that the negative stigmas associated with PRUs should be diminished as every child deserves equal access to education and an equal chance in life; SDSC has proven to my child and i that stigmas aren't always true and that working collaboratively makes a difference. I am pleased I made that decision to enroll my child at SDSC"

"The best memories i have of SDSC are the staff, they made a positive impact on me. They were friendly, understanding, supportive and made me feel welcomed everyday. They thought me how to be resilient "